CU Export

Export Direct Contacts
T. +44 0208 358 5858

Ruhel Uddin
Ruhel Uddin   Ext 548

Rafael Frankow
Rafael Frankow    Ext 439

Established in 2010, the Export Division at Computers Unlimited (CU) actively ships into 26 countries throughout Europe - and continues to grow.

CU carries a range of best-of-breed products from over 100 leading brands, a significant number of which are on an Exclusive basis, so you won’t find them anywhere else!

With our unparalleled levels of customers service and comprehensive product knowledge, CU’s Export Division experts can help you grow your business quickly and efficiently.

We currently supply Apple Premium Resellers with relevant product for their business, and can do the same for you by advising which products are right for your particular market.

With CU’s export team supporting you, your business will benefit from a clear competitive advantage over your competitors in your marketplace.

Working with CU will help you consolidate your purchasing, keep your business costs under control and maximise profit margins.

If you are interested in working with CU and are based outside of the UK, give our knowledgeable Export Division a call on +44 0208 358 5858